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  • 6th generation farmer in the Middle Rio Grande
  • Lived in Socorro County my entire life
  • Owner of Snake Ranch – farming over 600 acres, and Snake Ranch Farm Stores ™– operating two seasonal produce markets; in San Antonio NM, and Los Lunas NM
    • I purchased 50% interest in our family farm business in 2013
      • Being financially vested in the business has brought me greater insight on
        • Finances and financial responsibilities
        • Hiring and effectively managing employees
        • Coordinating and managing projects to best utilize resources
      • Employer of 3 full time, 1 part time and up to 30 seasonal employees, the majority of whom have been in our employment for over 20 years
      • Being an employer has taught me how to work with others in a manner that affects positive outcomes
      • I have been actively involved in water issues for my entire career
      • I know how to speak up when necessary and argue my point effectively

It takes morals and a strong voice to Protect our Rural Traditions


Protecting the water we use to irrigate is my first priority. The demand on Socorro County’s water continues to increase. The elected director will find it necessary to voice his/her opinion when it counts and make the best decision for all constituent’s. I have been involved for as long as I can remember, and I will do what it takes to lead the MRGCD out of the water debt situation we are currently in.

The district was formed to provide irrigation flood control and drainage to the Middle Rio Grande Valley. With much of the valley being a swamp prior to the formation of the district, it is evident why drainage and flood control is important to both irrigators and residential rate payers, and the integrity of the system must be maintained for all constituents.

The San Acacia diversion dam plays an important part in supplying farms with irrigation water needed when water is in short supply and is an asset we need to protect and preserve. The proposed siphon project will bring drain water across the river more efficiently and supply more consistent irrigation water to the users below the San Acacia dam. I am committed in pursuing the siphon project to completion.

I believe that the water we are delivering to elephant butte is hampered by extremely poor river and channel conditions and I want to see the MRGCD continually working with federal entities to ensure the they are cleaned up and convey water as efficiently as possible, so that we can pay off our water debt and continue serving all members of the community including water bank users.


My parents and their parents before them have spent generations working and saving so they could provide their children with a better start in life than they had. I retain these same values, and that’s why it is important to me to keep the MRGCD a strong and healthy institution that continues to support our farming values long into the future. It has been a long-standing tradition in the Sichler family to serve and support the community in which we live. I believe that my family and neighbors need a strong voice representing them to continue thriving in our valley. That’s why I have decided to commit my time and run for position no. 6, director for Socorro County.

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What does the district provide for residential property owners who do not irrigate? The most important thing the district provides to cities is drainage. Most people don’t realize that the valley was waterlogged and unusable prior to the creation of the MRGCD. District facilities (drain ditches) dried up the valley floor and made it possible to build improvements on your property. The district also provides flood protection; not only by means of the levees that keep the Rio Grande from flooding into the valley, but also the district facilities which help divert flood waters from arroyos running into the valley. The City of Socorro has several points where storm waters from city streets collect and then drain into district facilities to be carried downstream. The City of Socorro also drains effluents from the water treatment facility into district drains, which would otherwise have to be pumped uphill to the river. District facilities provide places to walk, jog, ride horses, as well as many other outdoor activities. And maybe most importantly, the district provides drainage and irrigation to farms which enable our local farmers to grow our food.




Absentee Voting – April 25, 2021 to June 5, 2021

Absentee ballots available by clicking here:



Early Voting – Monday, May 24, 2021 to Saturday, June 5, 2021

Socorro County Polling Location:

Socorro Electric Coop – 215 Manzanres Ave. Socorro, NM

MRGCD District Office – 1931 Second St. Albuquerque, NM


Election Day – Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Socorro County Polling Locations:

Northern Socorro County Senior Center – 894 NM 304 Veguita, NM

Midway Fire Department – 13 Chambon Rd. Lemitar, NM

Socorro Electric Coop – 215 Manzanares Ave. Socorro, NM


For convenience you are not required to vote at a specific voting location and are able vote at any of the MRGCD polling sites located throughout the entire district.