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Snake Ranch

Snake Ranch, LLC

How we got to where we are now.

Sichlers have distinguished themselves with New Mexicans as growers of quality produce for over 100 years. In fact, the first Sichlers immigrated to the Middle Rio Grande Valley from Germany in 1868, and purchased farm land in Los Lentes, NM in1872. Chris’ grandfather, Ernest Sichler Sr., was well known in the Los Lunas, NM, area and beyond for his dedication to growing quality fruits and vegetables. Ernest Sr. passed this dedication along to his son Ernest Jr., better known as Ernie, who operated his business under the name of “Ernie Sichler Farms” and quickly became known as somebody who does things the right way. One of the first things Ernie taught Chris was “If it’s not worth taking the time to do it right, don’t bother doing it at all”.

In the 1970’s urbanization began to consume much of the farmland in Valencia County and Ernie had the foresight to buy farmland to the south in Socorro County. In 1985, three days after graduating from Los Lunas High School, Chris moved to San Antonio, NM, and began to manage the Socorro County farm for his father. In September of 1985, Chris couldn’t stand the lonely life of living by himself on the secluded farm any longer and he married his high school sweetheart Paula. Chris and Paula have been working together ever since, and in 1988 they started their own farming operation under the name of “Sichler Farms Produce”. Chris and Paula quickly gained a reputation for some of the best Green Chile in the state along with being known for the other fruits, vegetables and hay crops which they grow. In 1997 Chris’ father Ernie died the way he had lived: “The perfect model of a real man”.

Like all families, the Sichlers have many branches, today there are several Sichlers farming under the family name. In 2008, in order to distinguish themselves from the others, Chris and Paula began operating their farm under the brand name Snake Ranch LLC. In 2011 Chris and Paula welcomed their son Steven (6th generation farmer) as a business partner in Sichler Farms Produce, LLC, and Chris, Paula, and Steven have worked very hard to develop their great business reputation. In 2013, Chris, Paula, and Steven Re-Branded the markets with a new registered trade name Snake Ranch Farm Stores™ in order to ensure their customers that the product they buy has the superior quality and consistency they are used to without confusion. Also in 2013 Steven Sichler purchased a portion of the Snake Ranch, LLC farming operation, and began his management position along side his father Chris making our operation complete again as a family run farm.

Today, Snake Ranch LLC is a very progressive farming operation consisting of about 650 acres just north of San Antonio, NM, and is owned by 5th and 6th generation farmers Chris Sichler and son Steven. Snake Ranch uses some of the most modern farming techniques available. All of the land Snake Ranch operates has been laser leveled and is serviced by cement lined ditches. In 2007 Snake Ranch began to move into drip irrigation on its row crop and today has over 170 acres in drip irrigation. When moving forward with drip irrigation Snake Ranch also implemented the use of GPS on some of their tractors. All of this combined makes Snake Ranch one of, if not the most water efficient, productive and progressive farming operations in the Middle Rio Grande Valley. However, everybody knows that water efficiency and productivity don’t necessarily guarantee a quality product, but be assured Snake Ranch puts the quality of their crops at the top of their list. Quality sells itself and we can only hope to gain and keep you as a loyal customer.

Sichler Ranch at Los Charcos, Los Lentes, NM (late 1800’s)

Sichler Farm on Sichler Rd. Los Lunas, NM (about 1942)

Sichler Farms Farm to Market Rd. San Antonio, NM (circa 1993)

People wonder where the name Snake Ranch came from…

When Chris was a young man he made some rows that were rather crooked. His neighbor Maurice Benavidez stopped by, and asked Chris “Are you starting a Snake Ranch?” The name stuck, and the rest is history.


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